All the Minute Details

In a hospital in New York, the nurse on duty received a phone call from a woman. The woman said “Hello? Is this Mount Sainai Medical Center? I would like to ask for detailed information about a certain patient. Not about whether the health status of this patient has gotten better or not. I want to know every minute detail.

The nurse said, “Can you hold on for a while? It’s not a very common request.”

A minute later, somebody spoke on the phone saying, “Is this the person who wants to know about a particular patient?”

The woman responded by saying, “Yes! I’d like to get detailed information about Mrs. Hossleberg on room 622 please.”

Then the person on the other line said, “Give me a moment, I will get her file for you.”

“Let me see… Yes, Mrs. Hossleberg is responded well to her treatment. As a matter of fact, she ate full meals twine today. Her doctor said that she will be discharged next Thursday if she keeps this up.”

Then the lady on the phone said, “Praise God! That’s great news! Outstanding! I am very pleased with that news! Amazing! Superb! Just wonderful!

The man on the phone said, “You seem pretty eager to see her back! You are probably a close relative, I presume?”

The lady then said, “No, I’m not a relative. My name is Mrs. Serena Hossleberg! I only called because I am so annoyed by my doctor who’s not telling me a single thing.”

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